Chonically Wrong

In their editorial ATF’s Mexico gun problem the SF Chronicle gets reaches the wrong conclusion. One would think that most journalists hate being lead by the nose by government propagandists. Things must be different at the Chronicle. After decrying the AFT’s bungled Fast and Furious gunrunning operation, the editorial staff at the Chronicle concludes:

This nation should be doing what it can to halt, not abet, the flow of weapons into Mexico. A good starting point would be to accelerate the approval of a long-stalled rule to require border-state gun dealers to report multiple sales of long guns.

One would think that a good starting point would be to do the polar opposite of whatever it is that the illegal, government sponsored gunrunning operation was intended to support. In this case, remove the AFT’s ability to write whatever rules it pleases without Congressional oversight. The Chronicle staff, however, seems to have swilled too much of the anti-gun Kool-Aid to reach the correct conclusion.