Obama Triangulates on Gun Control

Chuck Norris has written a new op-ed on how Obama triangulates on gun control. Here’s an excerpt…

Up until now, the Obama White House has given a wide berth to the gun-control debate, abandoning campaign promises to pursue new restrictions on our gun rights. This avoidance does not reflect any shift in position; it is merely recognition of the political reality that most members of his party have no interest in yet another political loser of an issue being crammed down their throats.

At the same time, Obama’s liberal base has grown restless and rancorous over the first two years in office, because he hasn’t done everything they wanted, at least regarding more restrictions on our Second Amendment rights. They resent the president’s avoidance of fulfilling his campaign rhetoric.

Gun-control groups have thrown tantrums for months that Obama wouldn’t champion their agenda, with one group resentfully awarding him a grade of “F.” And so only now is Obama sticking his toes into the swirling currents of the Second Amendment debate.

The Obamanistas are taking a queue from their Clintonista forebears; when in doubt, triangulate. It’s better to move part way to the goal line than to not move at all. Sure, your true-believing crazies will be upset, but the end result is the same. Move a little now, then a little more later… Eventually you get to where you and the crazies wanted to be; just not in the single leap they wanted.