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From NRA-ILA comes the latest Outrage of the Week…

Outrage Of The Week

Friday, April 01, 2011
This week’s “Outrage” comes to us from the Garden State, where insult has literally been added to injury for Mr. Jeffrey Muller.

This outrage was precipitated by an incredible case of mistaken identity.  According to a recent story on the NJ.com Star-Ledger Editorial Page, Jeffrey Muller—a pet store owner from Sussex County, New Jersey—happens to have the same name as an alleged New York power broker.  Unfortunately for Mr. Muller, his namesake ran afoul of five men from Missouri, apparently bilking them out of $500,000.  The five thugs mistakenly targeted this Jeffrey Muller for revenge.  They assaulted him, shocked him with a stun gun, and kidnapped him, driving him from New Jersey to Lake Ozark, Missouri.  He was blindfolded, beaten and threatened with death.  Fortunately, he was finally able to escape and the kidnappers were arrested.

Now back in New Jersey, Mr. Muller is understandably still shaken by the experience and fears reprisal from relatives of his abductors.  He wants to protect himself, so he applied for a gun permit.  He was denied.  Twice.  And the reason given for the denial?  The Superior Court judge who ruled in the case said Mr. Muller provided “no proof of justifiable need” to carry a firearm!

Let’s make this clear:  Muller was severely beaten, electrically shocked, abducted, held captive hundreds of miles from his home, threatened with death, and now fears future reprisals.  And that demonstrates “no justifiable need?”  That is outrageous!