About those broken links

My apologies to anyone getting lost due to a broken link. I made one, wee, little, intsy, bintsy change to the blog’s settings and a few things went goofy.

This is a WordPress-powered blog. I really like what the folks at WordPress have done. However, there’s one particular default that I didn’t like: The “permalink” naming format. By default, WordPress uses what even they call the “ugly” format; a title derived from the post’s internal ID number. Several prettier and more readable formats are possible. After the fact, I decided that I wanted “prettified” permalinks here. Doing anything with a database driven application after the fact is often a recipe for trouble. An axiom I just demonstrated!

As a result of my tinkering, a few posts had badly auto-generated permalinks. This was usually due to punctuation characters in the title. I went through and checked a number of posts that could have had that problem and republished them without the special characters. All seems to be right now. If you come across any that I missed, please let me know.