Alaska: No-Duty-to-Retreat Legislation Heads to House Floor

Alaska: No-Duty-to-Retreat Legislation Heads to House Floor

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Contact your state Representative today!

On April 4, House Bill 80 passed in the state House Finance Committee by a 5 to 0 vote. This bill now moves to the House floor.

Introduced by state Representative Mark Neuman (R-15), HB 80 would remove the duty-to-retreat in Alaska.  Under this bill, Alaskans would have the right to use force, including deadly force, for self-defense anywhere they have a legal right to be.

Please contact your state Representative TODAY and respectfully urge him or her to support HB 80. Contact information for the state House of Representatives can be found here.  If you need help identifying your state Representative, click here.

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