More on that letter from Sen. Grassley to the ATF

CBS has new details on the letter sent from Sen. Grassley’s office to the ATF regarding intimidation of whistle-blowers by the agency…

A top figure in the gunwalking controversy at the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) is now cooperating in the investigation.

Sen. Charles Grassley (R-Iowa) made that disclosure today in a letter to ATF’s acting director Kenneth Melson.

Read Grassley’s letter

In the letter, Sen. Grassley warns that any attempt to retaliate against the cooperating official, Assistant Special Agent in charge of ATF’s Phoenix Division George Gillett, is unlawful. Prior to Sen. Grassley’s letter, Gillett had already told his supervisors, through his attorney, that he was cooperating.

Sen. Grassley also says the apparent efforts of ATF executives to stop employees from speaking with members of Congress and their staff is of “grave concern.”

“Without such direct, unfiltered communications, Congress would still be unaware of, and unable to inquire about, the serious allegations involving the death of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry and the sales of weapons to known and suspected gun Traffickers,” reads the Sen. Grassley letter.

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The pdf linked above has that ATF email obtained via a FOIA request. In it, you will see that as recently as February, the ATF was denying any connection between the death of Border Patrol agen Brian Terry and their “Fast and Furious” guns.