Update: AB144 & AB809 passed by Assy. Pub. Safety Cmte.

Torey Van Oot at the Sacramento Bee reports that Democrats in the Assembly Public Safety Committee have passed AB144 and AB809.

AB144 would ban openly carrying a firearm in the State of California. And since concealed carry permits are impossible to get for most residents of the State, this bill would effectively ban self-defense outside the home. CCW applications are uniformly rejected in jurisdictions like Los Angeles County. Unless you’re an A-list celebrity, you can forget getting a CCW here! Most Californians live in jurisdictions where CCW permits are reserved for the privileged few.

AB809 would allow the State to retain records of long gun sales creating a de facto gun registration program. Currently, such a stealth registry exists only for handguns. Should AB809 become law, all firearms purchased legally in the State would be registered. Should a future State government wish to confiscate privately held firearms, this type of comprehensive registry would prove invaluable to those charged with disarming the population.