Holder finally appears before the HOC

House Oversight Committee Chairman Darrell Issa(R-CA) has finally been able to question Attorney General Eric Holder about the Project gunrunner debacle.

From The Daily Caller:

At the hearing, Holder conceded to Issa that Congress has the authority to conduct investigations independent of the Justice Department. Holder also said the DOJ has 20 cases heading to trial in June on the subject. Issa doesn’t think much of those cases.

“Isn’t it true that those 20 cases going to trial in June are basically a bunch of meth addicts who were straw buying? You don’t have the kingpins,” Issa said. “What you have are the people you already had.”

Issa then asked Holder whether the Justice Department will cooperate with ongoing congressional investigations, which he says differ from the DOJ’s on who is being investigated. “We’re not looking at straw buyers, Mr. Attorney General, we’re looking at you,” Issa said. “We’re looking at you, we’re looking at your key people who knew or should’ve known about this.”

Mr. Holder feigned offense at the notion that his agency has gotten people killed; however, he could offer Congressman Issa no good answer when Mr. Issa asked what should be said to the mother of slain border patrol agent Brian Terry. Terry, who per department policy was armed with a bean-bag gun, was killed by thugs armed with guns “walked” into Mexico by the ATF.