Another “You know it’s bad when…” moment for the Adminstration

You know it’s getting bad when even NPR can no longer ignore the “Gunwalker” cover-up


For his part, Holder said that he hadn’t been aware of the operation. He told lawmakers it’s on his radar screen now.

“What I have told people at the Department of Justice is that under no circumstances, in any case, in any investigation that we bring, should guns be allowed to be distributed in an uncontrolled manner,” he said.

Congressional Republicans say more than a dozen whistleblowers have come forward to express their concerns about the danger of Operation Fast and Furious. That includes ATF agents, their supervisors, and even an Arizona gun dealer.

The unnamed dealer sent e-mails to agents in Arizona last year, six months before Terry’s death, warning them that he had a bad feeling. In the messages, the dealer said he was worried the guns would make their way to Mexico and be used by “bad guys.”

Rush Limbaugh often calls the American news media “The State controlled Media”. From day one the members of The Fourth Estate have done all they can to advance the Obama agenda. Their support has been so complete that Rush’s joke no longer looks like a joke. But in the case of NPR, you can almost excuse them. They are, after all, a State controlled media outlet. (Do you doubt this? Ever heard of the power of the purse?) Thus one would have expected that the last media group to report on the Project Gunrunner cover-up would be NPR.

I guess I was mistaken.