The missing link

CJ at Flopping Aces points out what’s missing in a recent article in USAToday…

I was naturally pissed off at an ignorant article I found in the USA Today quoting the Center for Disease Control’s finding that gun violence occurs more in big cities. REALLY?! Say it ain’t so!! 

Our liberal media didn’t seem to notice one important fact into why big cities have higher murder rates – nearly all big cities have strict gun control laws that prevent citizens from being able to defend themselves! Yeah, didn’t see that little tidbit in the story! As a matter of fact, the city with the tightest gun control laws also has the highest number of law enforcement officers killed by guns-yup, Chicago!

Reporting like that really makes you wonder: Are they openly teaching doublethink in journalism school these days?

(OK, OK, I know… That was a silly question. If a particular school really does have a top notch doublethink program, then it would be listed on the course catalog, but no one would admit that it’s actually there. They would know and simultaneously forget that it’s part of the curriculum. So, “openly” isn’t the right word. But I digress…)

Americans have long known, and John Lott proved, that areas with more gun control have more violent crime. We known that gun control laws have no effect on violent crime rates. Instead, gun laws lead to an increase in violence. Gun laws, like any other laws, are obeyed only by those who are already disinclined to commit whatever act said law is intended to prevent. Thus gun laws succeed only at keeping guns out of the hands of the law abiding. Naturally, this does nothing to decrease crime. How could it?

We know these things to be true, so how could those supposedly trained in investigation be so blind? How can they come so close to the truth and yet miss it?

The real question is: Are they actually interested in the truth?