A new pretext for banning handguns?

Today’s New York Daily News offers this op-ed claiming that handguns will be the next big thing in Islamic terrorism.

The meme presented is that terrorists will purchase handguns “legally and at gun shows”, as though a purchase at a gun show isn’t perfectly legal, and use them to attack Americans. A solution isn’t offered, but this meme has been making the rounds already. Others repeating this tale would have us believe that disarming Americans will protect us all from Islamic terrorists.

The case of Maj. Nadal Hasan, we are told, is proof of this threat’s existence. What’s missing, however, is the fact that Ft. Hood was a “gun-free zone” where Hasan’s victims were left defenseless. Maj. Hasan, like so many other mass shooters, got to be the only one in the room with a gun. Eventually, law enforcement arrived on the scene, but not until after the damage was done.

But somehow, we’re all safer when the crazed Islamic terrorist gets to be the only one with a weapon.