WaPo: Ever the mouthpiece for the anti-gun Left

At times it seems like ours is a world that’s ever in turmoil. Everything seems like it’s in some state of upheaval. There are, however, some things in this world that are reliable constants; like the Washington Post shilling for the extreme, anti-gun Left. This op-ed piece, Lax U.S. gun laws enable killing in Mexico, is the latest example of the “stability” of the Post.

If we are to believe the Post’s editorial board, the lessons we should take away from the whole Fast and Furious scandal are…

  • 80% of all illegal guns in Mexico still come from the US
  • Fast and Furious was well intentioned
  • It’s really George Bush’s fault

Of course, as has been explained before, the 80% Myth (Formerly known as the 90% Myth) is simply false. The Mexican government is downright sloppy when it comes to their gun trace requests to the BATFE and their own record keeping. They’re just plain corrupt about inventory control at armories and evidence lockers.

And was Fast and Furious really “well intentioned”? Increasingly, it looks like the sole purpose to the operation was to gin-up a reason for more domestic gun control laws. How well intentioned could a government be that conspires to manipulate the media in an attempt to rob the People of their liberties? (And let’s be honest, with media like WaPo around, why all the silly cloak-and-dagger nonsense? Our “free press” will  happily bend over and print whatever anti-gun propaganda the Obama administration asks them to!)

And for the record, the forerunner to Fast and Furious was “Operation gunrunner”; a Bush-era program that actually stopped illegal guns before they crossed the border into Mexico. But stopping illegal guns isn’t as useful for writing new gun laws as is letting them into the hands of narco-terrorists. For that little ruse, the Obama program Fast and Furious was created. And if this really was all Bush’s fault, why is Obama’s Attorney General engaged in a cover up? Why would Eric Holder protect the Bushies?