A legitimate question

Larry Bell at Forbes asks a legitimate question: Will a president Romney stand our ground against 2nd Amendment attacks?

The presumptive GOP nominee was at the NRA convention speaking to the membership. Bell points out that Romney needs to woo conservatives to his cause and that gun owners are a large and important part of that constituency. Gun owners have reason to question Romney’s commitment to protecting our right to keep and bear arms. In 2008 he attempted to distance himself from the NRA and gun owners.

So what should a gun owner do?

Obama is clearly an unacceptable choice. He’s an anti-gun politician’s politician. But to be blunt, Romney may be no better. And while I think that he’ll beat Obama like a drum, he may lose. So gun owners, and more generally conservatives and libertarians, need to think about Plan B. Plan B in this case is a Congress that simply will not cooperate with an anti-gun president, no matter what his name is. For NRA members, this means watching for your election issue of your NRA magazine with candidate recommendations for 2012. Support Representatives and Senators who support you. And remember that not all of them will have a little “R”after their names.