From John Lott’s Website: Some notes on claims about Australia’s crime rates

John Lott has kicked the legs out from under the latest anti-gun meme, that gun laws in Australia lowered their homicide rate. The kiddies at Huff-n-puff are particularly enamored with this meme…

Of course, the Huffington Post ignores that more sophisticated research finds no benefit from these laws. A paper by Lee and Suardi in Economic Inquiry in 2009 does an excellent job of looking at the issue.

Why the grasping at straws by the anti-gun media? After Aurora, Texas A&M, and the Sikh temple shootings, they had such hope for getting some shiny new gun laws in their stocking. But if course, Santa Obama and his evil elves failed to deliver. Santa Obama is, of course, far smarter than most on the Right want to give him credit for. He knows better than to pick a fight like that.