A newly minted NRA member

New NRA member Wayne Allyn Root explains his reasons for joining the NRA…

Over 250,000 Americans have joined the NRA since the Sandy Hook tragedy in December. I am one of them.

Why did all these folks decide to sign up?

Well probably for the same reasons I did. At first glance, I’m not your typical NRA member. I’m Jewish, Ivy League educated (Columbia University, Class of ’83, President Obama’s classmate in fact), and have even been a member of the mainstream media (I started my career as an anchorman and host for CNBC, then called the Financial News Network).

I’m not the world’s biggest gun guy. I’m not a collector. Being around guns is not second nature for me.

But I want them to be legal. I want the right to own them. I want the right to protect myself and my family.

I want to protect the Second Amendment.

And I don’t want government telling me what to do. And if any of those rights are going to be threatened, then I realized it’s time for me to stand up for the NRA.

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Anyone who values the Constitution and the rule of law, whether they own firearms or not, should join or at least support the NRA. If you value the Constitution, you cannot value only part of it. If any one part falls, it all does. Thus the 2nd Amendment is as important as any other part of it. Are you passionate about religious freedom? You won’t have it if your right to own a firearm is allowed to fall. A government that will not respect one part of the Constitution will not respect any other part of it.