In his latest at The Observation Post, Tony Canales notes that payback can be a bitch.

For starters, Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) is finding out that when you associate with skunks, no one wants you at their garden party. Local constituents in The Mountain State are letting the former governor know in no uncertain terms that his shilling for the Feinstein-Schumer-Bloomberg Axis is not sitting well with the voters back home.

Additional evidence of push back among the political classes is the sudden resurrection of most of the traditional filibuster in the US Senate. While certain gentlemen’s agreements may still be in place, it seems that Senator Mitch McConnell will be able to pull more than a diminutive rodent out of his favorite headgear should it come time to knee-cap DiFi’s gun grab by a time-honored and bipartisan method (Take That, Ashley Judd!).

There is also the recent demise of the 2013 Eastern Sports and Outdoor Show scheduled for February. It seems that the British management team’s decision to not allow modern sporting rifles to be displayed or sold at the show has riled the “Colonials” no end. In fact, one is getting the distinct impression that the Violence Policy Center may come away with little to show for it’s lobbying efforts at the Federal Level, and despite resorting to a shameless usage of the Newtown tragedy as a political rallying cry.

All this is due to the gun owning community running to the sound of the guns (literally), and for the most part ignoring attempts by the likes of a Bloomberg or a Cuomo to divide the hunting community from the target shooting and self defense communities.

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