Is a rebellion brewing?

At the risk of sounding all blackhelicoptery, there seems to be a rebellion brewing out there. And it’s not among the “usual suspects”; it’s within the law enforcement community.

Talk of rebellion usually comes from that crowd we’re all familiar with. You know ’em. They show up on occasion to our Members’ Council meetings. You see them out on the edges of the crowd at gun shows; unusual political views combined with some truly unique fashion choices. (Personally, I never would have imagined that a grown man would combine a field jacket, an Aussie snap brim hat, English riding boots, and black tights.) And their hair is perfect.

But real rebellion is coming from an entirely different quarter. Sheriffs across the US are pledging to resist any anti-gun directives they receive from the Obama regime. In these pages, we’ve reported on sheriffs in UtahTexas, and Missouri announcing that they will not obey unconstitutional orders from “on high”. Now sheriffs in Florida and Colorado are announcing that they will not obey illegal mandates from Washington DC. Milwaukee County Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr., whom we have reported on earlier, is also on a list of 219 sheriffs and organizations  opposing the regime.

Now keep in mind that there is no shortage of wannabe JBTs out there;  tuchusleckers who support this President and his radical agenda. They hate the idea of an armed population. They want a nation where they hold a monopoly on deadly force. But these sheriffs are something entirely different. These are elected officials. They will answer to their constituents. And let’s be clear, many of their constituents don’t agree with them on this issue. Those who prefer safety to freedom will not like hearing that their sheriff will not support this president’s ambitions. It takes courage for these sheriffs to stick there necks out like this on principle.

These men and women are putting the jobs on the line for the rest of us. I hope that all of you will remember them when they need your support.