The more things change…

In the aftermath of Hurrican Katrina in August, 2005, it came to be known that Law Enforcement could turn on the people they were sworn to protect.

In defiance of common sense Federal and State police officers, including California Highway Patrol officers lent to Louisiana for the emergency, went door to door confiscating firearms from homeowners and law-abiding civilians whose only crime was to be left in the lurch by the authorities during a state of emergency.

In the case of an elderly Pattie Konie, she found out the hard way that CHP officers can act like “…linebackers…” even to little old ladies trying to protect a larder of emergency food supplies and a couple of dogs.

While Katrina seems more of a distant memory to all but those who are currently freezing despite the “rapid response” of the Obama and Christie Administrations, it is clear that once again that some of those in California Law Enforcement have forgotten history completely.

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