…but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t stop calling them

Sen. Charles Grassley predicts a tough time ahead for Congressional gun grabbers…

“I feel that an outright ban would have a difficult time passing the [Republican run] House of Representatives, so that would keep it from becoming law,” Grassley said. “But when you have five, six, maybe even seven Democratic senators from rural areas, that come from Second Amendment states … I think that is a tough go in the Unites States Senate.”

But don’t let this or anything else you’ve read about a new bill’s chances keep you from pestering your elected officials. They have to know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that any support for a bill that threatens our rights would be a poor career choice. Remember that politicians, Republicans especially, just love to compromise. They’ve had it beaten into their pointy-haired skulls that it’s the key to success in politics. “Go along to get along.” “Give a little to get a little.” “Better half a loaf than none.” The problem is that go-along Republicans have a history of giving a lot and getting nothing; of giving up the entire loaf and not getting so much as a single crumb. Do you really trust them to protect your interests and to do so without any prompting? On the flip side of that coin, remember that pro-gun Democrats are pointing their careers on the line every time they fail to support their party’s anti-gun agenda. For every squishy Republican you snarl at to keep in line, remember that there’s a pro-gun Democrat who needs your encouragement.