CA Dems: Keeping guns out of the wrong (i.e. not White!) hands

California Assemblymen Philip Ting of San Francisco and Jimmy Gomez of Los Angeles introduced AB231, a measure to make firearm ownership a “Whites only” privilege. Their bill, which would require citizens to have liability insurance before being allowed to purchase a firearm, is clearly aimed at keeping the poor from possessing weapons. And since minorities and women make up a disproportionate number of the poor in the State, their bill would serve to keep guns in the hands of rich, White men and away from those the Assemblymen clearly see as “undesirables”.

Speaking as one of the aforementioned rich, White men of the State, I can promise you that this bill will have absolutely no effect on me. I already have personal liability insurance. It will, however, affect those who live in high crime areas where firearms for self-defense are a necessity. A look at this bill, and others Democrats in Sacramento have championed in the past, should convince you that Democrats really don’t like the poor all that much. Bans on so-called Saturday-night-specials target the inexpensive firearms which are the only ones the poor can afford. Now these same Democrats expect them to spend money they don’t have on insurance they don’t need. But come to think of it, their comrades in Washington DC just did that when they stuck these same people with a huge bill for their “free” Obamacare. I think that I see a trend!