And they call us gunnuts…


Anti-gun types have always been a little off. OK… They’re just plain nuts; obsessing over private property owned by others that, on the whole, harm no one. There’s roughly one gun in the US for every man, woman, and child in the population. And in case you haven’t noticed, we haven’t killed each other off. But that little factoid doesn’t stop that Anti’s hysteria. In fact, they’re getting worse.

The NRA-ILA writes…

Is it our imagination, or are gun control supporters really getting “out there” lately? Take Pittsburgh Post-Gazette columnist Dan Simpson, for example. On Tuesday, Simpson didn’t just exaggerate or engage in hyperbole. If he had, we might not have noticed, because those things are a dime a dozen when you’re talking about gun control supporters.

Simpson instead went off the deep end and then some, as he tried to vilify the NRA, NRA members, and American firearm manufacturers for disagreeing with expanded background checks and an expanded ban on semi-automatic firearms and their magazines.

Simpson didn’t stop there. He goes on to imply that the NRA and PBS were in collusion to produce the network’s “whitewash” of the NRA. (Funny… It looked an awful lot like a hatchet job to us.)

But this is a recurring theme that we’ve noted in these pages before. As the anti-gun crowd gets dealt more and more defeats, they become more and more unhinged. 10 years ago, if you suggested that anti-gun types might launch “false flag” attacks to further their cause, I might have paused to wait for you to then go on about how the black helicopters were involved in the plot. But now, after seeing anti-gun screwballs like Christopher Dorner, I have to wonder how goofy that sort of conspiracy theory really is.

Another example is “Operation Fast and Furious“.  For years, anti-gun activists have claimed that there is an “iron river of guns” flowing from the US into Mexico. Of course, this simply wasn’t true. (Unless one counts US-made firearms that were stolen from the Mexican Army as “smuggling”.) So what was the Obama Administration’s reaction to the “bad news” that American gun shops aren’t a source of illegal guns in Mexico? They ginned-up their own iron river to make up for the one that didn’t exist. It takes a special brand of anti-gun crazy to do something like that.

And Dan Simpson is another fine example of that special brand of crazy.