Hillary’s losing coalition

The New York Times, for all of its other faults, produced some wonderful resources for tracking election results. Of particular interest are the maps that they produced. These showed data at the county level, but not in the way most papers do. Most other news outlets showed an entire county as shades of red or blue. The Times used dots centered on each county seat to show amounts; either of votes cast, registration, or votes remaining. As a result, we could see, for example, that Pennsylvania was running out of Democrat votes in the counties around Philadelphia and Pittsburgh before the state could be delivered to Hillary; or that Michigan was also running out of safe Democrat counties.

For the final results, their mapping convention produced this map showing where each candidate won and by what margin. The dots make large, but mostly empty western counties less prominent and cities moreso…

 Now some of you might think that this looks familiar. Take a look at it with a few additions…

Better? You’ve probably seen maps like this all of your life; at airline ticket counters.

The cause of Hillary Clinton’s loss should be obvious: She only won at the nation’s airports. Donald Trump, on the other hand, won “flyover country”. The places that she only wanted to see from 35,000′ chose not to vote for her. Go figure! Sure, she won big in Los Angeles County and Cook County, but that does make up for the way she alienated voters in lots of little places like Atascosa County, TX or Daniels County, MT. Those deplorable, little, red counties add up.

Let’s face it, LAX, JFK, and ORD are not a sound foundation for an electoral college win.