Another day, another shooting in a gun free zone

I’m sure that I’ve used that headline before…

The Ft. Lauderdale airport shootings are yet another example of a criminal having free run of a facility without the worry of armed bystanders interrupting his killing spree. We’ve seen this repeatedly. Laws passed by gun muggles with the best of intent, and over the objections of those of us who actually know about guns, get people killed.

This is also an example of government dropping the ball, again. Esteban Santiago didn’t spring into existence ex nihilo. The FBI knew about him and apparently did nothing. What’s being reported now indicates that he should have been either flagged as a “prohibited person” under Federal law, and thus unable to possess a firearm, or placed on the no-fly list as a suspected terrorist. There’s nothing to suggest that the feds followed up in this information; not until after he killed 5 people.