Hog huntin’ with Gordon Ramsay

Chef Ramsay posted this clip from his visit to Ft. Benning, GA, of a hog hunt on the base…

It’s Chef Ramsay, so the usual warnings about language apply!

Don’t get me wrong: The 2nd Amendment isn’t about sporting goods. You might be able to buy a gun at Big-5 or Walmart, but this doesn’t put firearms in the same category as a yoga mat or roller blades. That being said, there are many of us in the gun owning community that see firearms as kitchen tools. For us, food prep begins at the target range.

Some of you West Coast latte-sippers may find all of this appalling. You’ve possibly wondered aloud why hunters can’t shoot cameras instead of guns. Perhaps you’ve even done so over dinner. So where did that cut of meat come from?

You would do well to remember that the forests and other wild spaces you enjoy on the weekends are largely funded by taxes that us “rednecks” pay when we buy guns and ammo. The next time you’re tempted to sneer at an F-250 with a rifle rack in the back window, remember that the driver puts more into the environment than you and your Prius do. You and he (or, increasingly, she) both eat meat, but the driver of that F-250 is willing to do the killing and butchering himself rather than paying someone else to do the dirty work.