“Ignorance is strength”


War is Peace
Freedom is Slavery
Ignorance is Strength
-The INGSOC motto

Imagine that you’re sitting in a college biology class. Your professor is explaining human sexuality, but he’s using terms that were plainly lifted from a porn site. Would you believe anything he says? Imagine that you’re at a hardware store and you ask where the hammers are. The clerk looks at you dumbfounded. Feeling like an idiot, you pantomime swinging a hammer. The clerk now says “Oh, you mean the smacky things. They’re in aisle 5.” Would you trust any advice you get from that clerk? You go to see your doctor about a rash and he insists that it’s caused by viewing Fox News. Would you continue to see that doctor?

Next, imagine that in each case you tried, ever so gently, to correct these people. And now imagine that their reaction was to accuse you of bullying them.

Now you know what it’s like to be a gun owner!

Anti-gun “reporting” has always been peppered with inaccuracies. Generally, there’s a perfectly good reason: It’s necessary to the task of presenting anti-gun propaganda. You can’t get much of a rise out of people by wailing about “mid-powered, semiautomatic rifles”, so you say “high-powered assault weapons” instead. And until recently, the media just ignored gun rights advocates when we corrected the errors. But no more. Pro-gun activists are being accused of bullying for correcting stupid errors in news articles. Anti-gun, leftist journos are now proud of their ignorance and take great offense when corrected.

OK, I’ll admit that some of it is us being pedantic just to be annoying. Insisting that clips be called clips and magazines be called magazines is amusing for us; especially when it gives some self-important journo a case of the tight jaws. Ultimately, nit-picking terms isn’t all that important. But, there are some things that are actually important: Like that a 5.56x45mm cartridge isn’t high powered! Or that the AR-15 can’t fire at 700 rounds per minute. (Not unless your name is Jerry Miculek!) Or that chainsaws aren’t a standard option on modern sporting rifles. So no, it’s not bullying when we insist that journos actually know something about the subject. Mind you, they’re not the worst offenders…

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