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In engineering, there’s a phenomenon called “NIH” or “Not invented here”. This is when your management won’t allow you to pursue a solution to a problem because your proposed solution uses someone else’s widget. It occurs when management is more concerned with the company’s IP portfolio than with solving the engineering problem at hand.

Other organizations have their own versions of this behavior. At the New York Times, it must be called something like “Not scooped here”. David Codrea reports that the Old Gray Lady is passing on the “Gunwalker” scandal because they didn’t break it. Making matter worse, I suppose, is the fact that mere bloggers broke it.


From NRA-ILA comes the latest Outrage of the Week…

Outrage Of The Week

Friday, April 01, 2011
This week’s “Outrage” comes to us from the Garden State, where insult has literally been added to injury for Mr. Jeffrey Muller.

This outrage was precipitated by an incredible case of mistaken identity.  According to a recent story on the Star-Ledger Editorial Page, Jeffrey Muller—a pet store owner from Sussex County, New Jersey—happens to have the same name as an alleged New York power broker.  Unfortunately for Mr. Muller, his namesake ran afoul of five men from Missouri, apparently bilking them out of $500,000.  The five thugs mistakenly targeted this Jeffrey Muller for revenge.  They assaulted him, shocked him with a stun gun, and kidnapped him, driving him from New Jersey to Lake Ozark, Missouri.  He was blindfolded, beaten and threatened with death.  Fortunately, he was finally able to escape and the kidnappers were arrested.

Now back in New Jersey, Mr. Muller is understandably still shaken by the experience and fears reprisal from relatives of his abductors.  He wants to protect himself, so he applied for a gun permit.  He was denied.  Twice.  And the reason given for the denial?  The Superior Court judge who ruled in the case said Mr. Muller provided “no proof of justifiable need” to carry a firearm!

Let’s make this clear:  Muller was severely beaten, electrically shocked, abducted, held captive hundreds of miles from his home, threatened with death, and now fears future reprisals.  And that demonstrates “no justifiable need?”  That is outrageous!

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I never thought that I’d be citing The National Enquirer as a source, but writer Mike Walker explains how NRA Board member Tom Selleck reacted when he spotted an extra mishandling a pistol on the set of Blue Bloods. The extra was waving a handgun around, allowing the muzzle to cover members of the cast and crew.

The guy, who was playing a cop but had never held a real gun, recoiled when Selleck – a lifelong gun enthusiast and board member of the National Rifle Association – spotted him and bellowed: “Hey, YOU! What the HELL are you doing? That gun’s NOT a toy – stop waving it around!”

Turning bright red as Selleck marched over and got in his face, the
nervous doofus quickly lowered the weapon, but the star barked: “Look at
you…your finger’s STILL ON THE TRIGGER!”

Totally confused, the mortified guy sputtered: “Is the gun really loaded?”
Rolling his eyes, Selleck snapped: “No, it’s not loaded. But when you
handle a gun it’s common sense to assume it IS loaded, and NOT point it
at people!”

Filming stopped while Tom gave everyone on set a lecture on gun safety.

For those unfamiliar with “prop” guns, they aren’t props at all. Movie and TV studios use real firearms when they film. And as a result, gun safety on set in an important issue. (There have been fatal accidents in the past due to mishandled prop guns.) So, hats off to Tom for seeing to the safety of his coworkers!

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Shack… Shed… Get it? Never mind…

From the Dallas Star Telegram: Montana store resists RadioShack’s demand to stop gun giveaway

An independent RadioShack store in Montana is standing firm, refusing RadioShack Corp. headquarters’ demand to stop giving away a firearm with each satellite dish sale — a 5-month-old promotion that has proved widely popular and garnered national attention.

Now before anyone starts with howls of indignation directed at Radio Shack, let’s consider that this is an educational opportunity. I doubt that many of the MBAs running The Shack have any direct experience with firearms. In fact, their perceptions are probably limited to what they’ve seen at the movies and on TV. If that version of gun ownership were anything close to accurate, then their reaction to Mr. Levy’s sales promotion would be understandable. We gun owners need to educate Radio Shack’s management about gun ownership is really like. They need to understand that there are firearms in half of all US households. They also need to know that approximately one third of the US population owns guns, and thus a sizable portion of their customer base, owns guns. The vast majority of these guns are owned without incident. They provide many Radio Shack customers with security and enjoyment.

So before you fire off a nasty-gram to Radio Shack, consider that they are simply ignorant of the realities of American gun ownership.

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NRA News’ Cam Edwards talks to Bob Parsons, CEO of PETA and the other animal rights whack jobs have their knickers in a twist because Mr. Parsons went to Africa to help control problem elephants…

The elephant that Mr. Parsons shot was destroying the crops of subsistence farmers in Zimbabwe. There are people in Africa who have food to eat tonight thanks to Mr. Parsons’ hunt.

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News Politics

News Politics

Michelle Malkin demonstrates the link between Obama’s “stimulus” package and “Project Gunrunner”. All that money, and all that anti-gun fervor… It was just a disaster waiting to happen.

Buried in Barack Obama’s failed trillion-dollar stimulus program was a $10 million bloody border racket that has now cost American lives. This goes far beyond the usual waste, fraud and abuse underwritten by progressive profligacy. It’s bloodstained government malfeasance overseen by anti-gun ideologues — and now anti-gun ideologue Attorney General Eric Holder will “investigate.”

Welcome to Project Gunrunner. Prepare for another Justice Department whitewash.

Can there be any doubt now that “Project Gunrunner” was nothing more than a scheme to generate support for more gun control in the US? Every day brings out new information about this corrupt operation. Wikileaks has now released US State Department cables showing that Hillary Clinton’s minions know that the weaponry used by Mexican drug gangs comes across that nation’s Southern border. One memo recounts a visit to the Guatemalan border: “One of the most memorable images of the day was the steady flow of rafts transporting people and goods across the river illegally within sight of the legal border crossing.” Another traces grenades used in several attacks. Some of these were American made devices smuggled into Mexico from El Salvador. Still others were of South Korean origin. Note that none were sold by Wal-Mart or Cabela’s! Also note that Hillary Clinton is one who cannot resist the allure of the “90% Myth”; the claim nine gun out of ten used in Mexico’s drug wars come from the US. Dig deeper and one sees that the 90% is more like 10%. What it would be without the ATF smuggling guns into Mexico has yet to be calculated.

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Wikileaks strikes again! Howard Nemerov writes at The PJ Tatler that the U.S. admits that Mexican cartels get military weaponry from Central America

Why would cartels spend over $1,000–plus a background check and smuggling risks–for a decent American semi-automatic rifle, when they can buy 4-5 fully automatic AK-47s for the same price on the black market?

The “Iron River of guns” myth makes the assumption that Mexican drug lords can’t do math. One wonders, however, about the math skills of the average ATF supervisor.

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News Politics