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I’m gonna be brutally honest here about something even though this may work against the purpose of this website. We run this site with the intent of convincing people that our arguments with regard to the right to keep and bear arms are, in fact, the correct ones. However, insulting people isn’t a good form of persuasion, no matter how right you are. That being said, I would like to point out that those wishing to disarm the American people are not the sharpest knives in the drawer.

They say that they only want to save lives. But, they are ignoring the admonition “Be careful what you wish for. You just might get it.”

As Anthony Canales notes, there are places in political and social discourse where there is no going back

If one were to ask African-Americans about how they would feel about a repeal of the 1964 Civil Rights Act, at the very least they would likely say that there is no going back to the days of Jim Crow and discrimination. In fact, any real attempt to re-impose the kinds of political rule that resulted in events like the Tulsa Riot of 1921 would probably be met with resistance, likely even violent resistance.

And if one were to ask the gay community about how they would feel about a repeal of reforms and court rulings that would likely mean a return to “pre-Stonewall” discrimination, they too would probably say that there is no going back on the civil rights gains by LGBT citizens in the United States. As proven in the past, resistance up to violent action would be the result of any attempt by the governing elite to deny gays the rights they have fought so hard for.

When it comes to these two core constituencies of theirs, the American Left understands that there is no going back for them. They understand that violence would result from any attempt to undo the gains these groups have won. They understand just how much these gains mean to these groups. And yet, the Left seems shocked that American gun owners not only refuse to go along with plans to disarm them, but that they would violently resist such plans.

But “shocked” isn’t the right word, is it? That implies some level of acceptance that they clearly do not have. Quite to the contrary, they refuse to see this at all and insist upon stupidly charging ahead with civilian disarmament anyway. And now, with the death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia and Obama’s pick to replace him, they see their wishes finally coming true. Stroke of a pen, Law of the land. All of the bad, bad guns will just go away. Right? Remember what we said about being careful about what you wish for?

They say they only want to save lives. So riddle me this: How does fomenting armed rebellion and violence achieve that end?

There is no going back.


Environmental laws are increasingly being used to hammer at the 2nd Amendment. Rather than outlawing guns, they seek to outlaw ammo. Now the enviro-left has found a new hunting ground: Hospitals. Tony Canales writes…

In an article published March 7, 2016, Times reporter Melody Petersen writes about the millions of gallons of raw sewage that hospitals discharge into the environment. Untreated, bio-hazardous sewage at that. Per the Times article, this sewage probably contains drug resistant bacteria that would kill naturally-occurring bacteria, and  would also pose a threat to such iconic species as sea otters, pelicans, and even California grey whale calves during annual migrations.

Source: The Poop Has Hit The Fan | CalGunLaws | On Target Legal Resources Online

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When one comes across a slumbering bear, it’s best to quickly, and quietly, leave. Poking it with a stick is grizpretty much the opposite of that.

There are an estimated 13 million gun owners in California. This compares to 16.3 million registered voters. Those gun owners, while not happy with the state of affairs in the Golden State, have been something of a sleeping bruin. This is thanks in large part to the fact that things could be worse. The NRA, the CRPA, and other pro-gun groups have killed off most of the really bad bills that appeared in Sacramento and in city councils across the State. But, there are some politicians who just can’t stop themselves from searching for a stick when they see that snoozing ursid.

2016 is gonna be one of those years. Someone has up and poked the bear.

Tony Canales reports that NRA-ILA Executive Director Chris Cox has announced that all funds raised from California gun owners will stay in the State. “Every dime” will stay here to be used to fight the bad bills, initiatives, and candidates that will be threatening our liberties this year.

To Repeat- Every dime contributed by California Gunowners to the NRA will stay allocated for California issues and actions.

If gunowners of all stripes perform as they have in the past, and fellow gun rights organizations likewise meet the same pledge and spend funds raised in California for California activities, the potential to get a hefty portion of California’s gunowners to register, donate, and vote for the Second Amendment in this most critical election in 20 years can come to fruition.

NRA will out-perform, as it has done in the past. New and invigorated CRPA leadership is already gearing up to go out to gunowners and get them all into “Beast Mode”. If that happens, if we build that Perfect Beast of an activist voter base, it’s not just the Washington Establishment that is going to be ordering Maalox by the truck-load in November. It’s going to be Sacramento.

If you’re a gun owner who hasn’t already registered to vote, now’s the time. If you’re not an NRA member, click here to sign up. (Or, at least, get involved with one reputable gun owners’ group or another. Just do a little research first to make sure you haven’t accidentally located a Bloomy front organization!) And don’t give us that “I don’t want to be on a list” nonsense. You’re needed. It’s time to nut up.

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Did you kind of ignore the whole Obamacare thing? Tony Canales unpacks Obama’s executive orders to show why you shouldn’t have…

The reservations here though lie with the bifurcated technique being used by President Obama. While Judge Andrew Napolitano notes that this week’s Executive Orders stand a good chance of being overturned, one has more concern for actions like the Final Rule on Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) related to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS).

What this does is give “permission” to various agencies at state and local level to reveal private mental health information determinations to the Federal Government without risk of being subject to Federal penalties for releasing that private health information.

But what happens when it is not a judge making this finding, after due process, but instead is a politicized commission making the “diagnosis”? Or a single-payer health provider? Or a state-run Medicaid agency?That is the part that seems most unclear, and seems most dangerous to one’s Constitutional rights.

And are there protections built into the new HIPAA rule being promulgated by the President? Apparently not, since it leaves additional State Prohibitor classifications up to the States to determine, promulgate and share with the Feds as they see fit.

Add to that there is no Federal process noted in the HIPAA rule that calls for prior notification to gun owners of a State Prohibitor designation, and one gets the sneaking suspicion that one can end up committing the serious crime of attempting to purchase a firearm when one has been listed as having a Federal or State Prohibitor status. In many cases, conviction for such an attempt may end up with a felony judgement, which in turn permanently ends one’s right to keep and bear arms for the foreseeable future.

In other words, President Obama’s Devil Is In The Details here with this weeks foray into a civilian disarmament campaign. Gun owners stand on notice- they need to involve themselves in the political process fully in what is now the most important election of their lifetime. It’s either that, or be satisfied with servitude until Judgement Day.

Of course, we’re still at the not-too-late stage of the game. You can help to stop Obama’s lone wolf attack on the Bill of Rights by clicking on the link to the right and joining the NRA.



Tony Canales looks at two very different reactions to firearms; specifically “assault” weapons. There’s the panty-wetting reaction of people like Kevin de Leon and then there’s the reaction of many people throughout Mexico. To de Leon, they’re scary pieces of metal that lurk around dark alleys and school playgrounds. To the otherwise law abiding citizens of Mexico in villages overrun by drug cartels and corrupt officials, they’re valuable tools for defending their liberties and their lives…

Much has been made on the subject of the regulation of gun ownership, both here in the United States and in Mexico. Of special controversy is the subject of small arms being smuggled south, and what is being done with them once they get across the border.

In the video above, journalists note that the local citizens of Ayutla have for over a year taken up unregistered firearms to protect themselves and their property from drug cartels and, implicitly, corrupt police officials.

Senator Kevin de Leon, (D-Los Angeles), whose district boundaries are based more on a design theory from Rorschach than anything rational, is proposing that solid blocks of metal be considered to be firearms in the eyes of the law (ie billets for lowers, among other components.).

Compare and contrast.

On the one hand, you have people who just want to live and work in peace. They see guns as tools they’ve been forced to buy to achieve that goal. I’m sure that each of them can think of some other way they’d have rather spent that money. But we all have tools in our garages that we didn’t really want to buy. We had to buy them. The same is true of people like the residents of Ayutla. They have guns they needed, not guns they wanted.

Now on the other hand, you have people like Kevin de Leon. This is nothing in his reaction that cannot be summed up in two words: Irrational fear. If someone wanted to use their phobia of Nyan Cat to write a law, they’d be hauled off by the nice, young men in their clean, white coats. But no one says anything when someone like de Leon wants to write a law based on his fear of a block of 7075  Aluminum. And Mr. de Leon is so frightened of that piece of metal that he’s wants to keep it away from you, me, and people here who face violence like our neighbors in Ayutla face.

I’m not sure which scares him more: An 80% lower or a single mom with a semi-auto rifle defending her children from some neighborhood thug.

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Tony Canales reported from the SHOT show last week that Ruger will be allowing its handguns to fall off of the California “not unsafe” firearms roster. Ruger CEO Mike Fifer issued this statement clarifying the company’s situation here in the Tarnished Golden State…

Now we learn that Ruger isn’t alone. Smith & Wesson will be allowing its M&P handguns to fall off of the roster as well.

Of course, this was the intended effect of the law. It’s not about allowing police “another tool to solve crimes”, but rather to dry up the supply of handguns available to law abiding Californians. Many many people floated ideas about how to defeat microstamping when the law was being debated. Their thinking at the time was to show legislators that the law is pointless as a law enforcement tool. The engineers in the crowd, however, pointed out that the law requires manufacturing techniques that are nonexistent. Furthermore, instead of making handguns “safe”, or make that “not unsafe” (Yes, that’s really how the law refers to the list!), irregularities in a gun’s chamber will eventually lead to a failure of the metal. But none of that registered with our betters in Sacramento. Why? Because safety and law enforcement weren’t the point of the law. The point was to stop legal handgun sales in California. Need proof? Compare these two lists…

Let’s be glad that the 2nd list wasn’t actually printed on dead trees.

The Calguns Foundation produced this graph showing what handgun availability will be like in the coming years in California…


The effect of the law is going to be more immediate than most people expected. You would have been dismissed as an unhinged gun-nut had you suggested a few years ago that the supply of new handgun models would dry up by 2020. But that’s what’s happening. By mandating manufacturing processes that require unicorn spit to work, the State is making the clever workarounds some people proposed way back when a moot point. You can’t use a Scotchbrite pad to remove the pesky microstamp from your new gun if there are no new guns.

There is hope, however. The NSSF has filed suit in Fresno County to stop the State’s mystical microstamping mandate.

Stay tuned.

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Tony Canales has been at the SHOT show this week. You can find his reports from the show floor here. In this post, he shares some of the sights he saw at the show.

It is hard for a first time visitor to make heads or tales of all the sights at the 2014 SHOT Show. Given the hundreds of tables and the miles of aisles, one is left with a series of images more than anything:

Dillon Aero’s M134 Gatling System-

NOTHING says “Get Off MY Lawn” like an M134.

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Tony Canales writes here about the Left’s demonization of Duck Commander‘s Phil Robertson…

It used to be, back in the day, that Liberals had a sense of humor.

They perhaps even had a sense of tolerance, before someone made a decision to demonize opponents so as to monetize any one particular cause.

And while this very same demonization is currently being demonstrated by Liberal Elitists calling for the banning of pro-gun speech from public forums to political halls, they are also going after one side in what amounts to a religious debate that has been in North America since the Puritans landed.

The American Left likes to claim that they own the word “tolerance”. Of late, they’ve been busy showing that in their dictionary “tolerance” means “agree with us or else.” So in that sense, I suppose, they do own the word.