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Oh sure, they’ll tell you that their donation is to help prevent “gun violence”. In fact, they probably believe that wholeheartedly. But, the end result will be more attempts to relieve law abiding gun owners of their rights. Why? Because they’re giving that money to people like the Brady Campaign and Michael Bloomberg’s mommies.

If they really wanted to prevent violence perpetrated with illegal guns, then they’d use that money to promote proven methods like Project Exile. The search engine giant is probably aware of the project. (Just a wild guess there!) Instead, they’re giving that money to groups who consistently view the law abiding gun owner, and not criminals, as the source of “America’s gun problem”. And of course, when you ignore a problem’s root cause, you can’t solve that problem. It gets worse when you dogmatically insist that there’s another root cause!

If Google really wants to do some good in this area, here’s another place that they could spend their money: The NRA’s Eddie Eagle program. Unlike the Mommies and their screeching, this program really does protect children from gun accidents; over 29 million thus far! Perhaps they should Google it to find out more.

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Some of you may be familiar with The Trace. This is Michael Bloomberg’s purpose-built, anti-gun “news” outlet. It provides all of the anti-gun news that’s fit to print. It does deserve some props, however. Unlike Bloomy’s other anti-gun propaganda operations, this one is up front with being an anti-gun propaganda operation. It’s also a very nicely composed and designed website. Unless I miss my guess, it’s built around WordPress. (The same software this site uses.) As anti-gun site go, theirs is a pretty good site. But (Yes, that big but was on its way!), they may have to get a better handle on what makes its way onto the site.

Take this story from last July, for example, about how ineffective gun buyback programs are.

How did I miss this?

The author, Kate Masters, presents data that most of us already knew: That guns collected in these programs by the police are often non-functional pieces of dren and that they are the guns least likely to be used in crimes. Furthermore, the police are often duped into paying top dollar for junk guns and the funds they pay are then used to buy better guns.

There’s no evidence that gun buybacks actually curb gun violence. Though the events have become ubiquitous in the U.S. since the ’90s, they’re coupled with a number of academic studies that pointedly demonstrate the ways that buybacks fail to reduce crime. “[Studies show that] the guns you get back are nonfunctioning, that we’re paying money and we’re not getting real benefits,” Ralph Fascitelli, the president of Washington CeaseFire, a Seattle-based gun safety organization, tells The Trace. “They’re just feel-good things that don’t do much real good.”

The feel-good nature of gun buybacks often spurs police departments to organize them in the wake of major killing sprees, such as a 2014 buyback organized by L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti after a gunman killed six people near the University of California’s Santa Barbara campus. This June alone, local officials from Florida, Connecticut, California, Arkansas, and Massachusetts launched city- or county-wide buybacks in response to violent shootings or rising crime rates. But experts claim it’s unlikely that these officials truly believe the events help reduce crime.

The “no questions asked” policy shared by most buybacks can also make them vulnerable to what [Alex Tabarrok, professor of economics at George Mason University] calls “gun entrepreneurs,” generally private sellers who use the events to profit off their local government. He cited a particularly notorious 2008 buyback in Oakland, California, where police bought handguns and assault rifles for $250 each. The event attracted local gun dealers, who bought cheap guns out-of-state and sold them back to the government for a profit

One suspects that Ms. Masters is no longer in the employ of Michael Bloomberg after posting something like this!

But this does lead us to a larger truth about the anti-gun movement: It’s entirely based on “feel-good” politics and not hard data. People like Michael Bloomberg are driven by emotion. Guns are icky. Gun owners are icky. Guns should be banned because they’re icky. Gun owners should be locked up because they’re icky. They ignore the reality of firearms: That they’re far more likely to be used to prevent violent crimes than to perpetrate them. Most guns are never fired in anger and most gun owners never hear a shot that’s been fired in anger. Those guns and their owners lead boring, uneventful existences.

Do bad things happen with guns? Of course they do. Bad things happen with hammers too, but you don’t see millions being spent to shut down the home improvement industry and “big hardware”. There isn’t a consumer product anywhere that’s completely risk free. But with every one of them, we apply risk/benefit analysis. People like Bloomberg pointedly refuse to do so with firearms. But then again, Bloomy’s not known to be a particularly rational individual.


Bloomy’s mommies are “livid” about the expansion of freedom in West Virginia…

In the first two days after West Virginia Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin’s repeat veto of a constitutional carry bill, the legislature voted to approve it without his signature.

The WV legislature soundly overrode the Governor’s veto. The new law takes effect in 90 days. The mommies had a howling fit, as is to be expected.

“As a mom and a West Virginian, I am livid that the legislature caved to the demands of the gun lobby on HB 4145,” said Dee Price with the West Virgina chapter of Moms Demand Action in a statement emailed to Guns.com.

Though, they’re probably not as bent as Bloomy is. It’s not like they spent another boatload of cash on a losing campaign.

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown group who, as noted by the Associated Press, have invested “in the six-figure range” to blitz the issue in ads statewide, also funded a survey citing more than two-thirds of concealed carry permit holders favor requiring permits to carry a concealed handgun in public in the state.

Source: Gun control group ‘livid’ about permitless carry override veto

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“If directions to your house include the words ‘Turn off the pavement’, you might be a redneck.”

-Jeff Foxworthy

“In Colorado, we got a law passed. The NRA went after two or three state Senators in a part of Colorado where I don’t think there’s roads. It’s as far rural as you can get. And, yes, they lost recall elections. I’m sorry for that. We tried to help ’em.”

-Former NYC Mayor and Über-billionaire Michael Bloomberg.

One was telling a joke; the other is a joke.

Nanny Bloomberg recently granted an interview with Rolling Stone Magazine. In it, he used those words to describe backwater towns like Colorado Springs, CO. He called these places where the toothless locals rejected his sage gun control advice trackless wilderness. Let’s take a peek and see what this tumbleweed strewn wasteland really looks like.

So here’s a nice overview…

CO Springs 1

Now usually, those yellow… er… um… “yeller” lines mean roads on Google Earth. They could be dirt trails; though, one of them is marked as an interstate highway. Do they ever make those outta dirt? Let’s zoom in a bit…

CO Springs 2

Those certainly look like paved roads. Perhaps it’s just shiny mud or something…

CO Springs 3

Nope, I’m sorry Mr. Mayor. Those are actual paved roads. Looks like them rednecks even have that newfangled ‘lectricity stuff; streetlights and ever’thin’!



The tough part about being a gun control activist these days is this darned Internet. In days gone by, you could make whatever wild claim you like and no one would be the wiser. Fact checking meant spending hours at a library. And even if you got caught stretching the truth, or outright lying, there was no way for the gun nuts to let anyone know. The friendly media wasn’t motivated to do any fact checking of their own and they certainly wouldn’t give any air time or ink to “those people”.

Those were the days, weren’t they Mickey?

Back in the day, a claim like this would have gone unchallenged. Not anymore. Now, with Twitter and other social media, people like Charles Johnson can disseminate the information they find; such as that most of the “school shootings” the Mommies list were gang related. One was even a defensive gun use; hardly replays of Columbine or Sandy Hook. Furthermore, citizen journalists get noticed by New Media and the story gets out. Now, thanks to the end of the Big Media monopoly on the flow of information, even the mainstream media can’t just play along with the gun banners.

I’m guessing that Michael Bloomberg is cursing Algore right about now.


So did you hear the one about the obnoxious billionaire?

Former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg didn’t learn his lesson after losing $350,000 in Colorado. He didn’t learn his lesson when his “Mommies” went no where. He didn’t learn when his Mayors Against Illegal Guns turned out to be Illegal Mayors Against Guns. And now Nanny Mike is rolling out his next failure: Everytown For Gun Safety.

Yup… That’s really what he’s calling it. If there’s a cute acronym hiding there someplace, you probably need to be severely dyslexic to spot it. But then again, that’s true of all of his anti-gun groups. They all sport acronyms that look like they were written by a monkey having a seizure on a keyboard.

Now Nanny Mike plans to blow $50 million on his latest attempt to buy the US Constitution. He says that his latest group with an odd name is going to challenge the NRA. Nanny Mike, referred to as “delusional” by Slate’s Jamelle Bouie,  is laboring under the impression that outspending the NRA will help him to get his way. He doesn’t know about the NRA’s secret weapon: You and your 5,000,000 friends.

Most Americans don’t care all that much about gun control. They may favor it should a pollster call, but they don’t do anything about it. Gun owners, and NRA Members in particular, are another matter. People like you are passionate about the issue; far more so than Bloomie’s Moms. You turn out to vote for pro-gun candidates. You donate time as well as money to the cause. When your Party tries to sneak an anti-gun candidate past you, you call them on it and refuse to support them. You write letters to the editor, you call your Congressman, you email, you tweet, and you blog to show your support for our 2nd Amendment freedoms.

You are worth far more than Nanny Mike’s billions.


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