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NRA California State Liaison Ed Worley was on Cam and Company this week. The Legislature is scheduled to go on their summer break on July 15, so they’re in a rush to pass some stupid, anti-gun bills…


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Ed Worley, NRA State Liaison for California, spoke to NRA News’ Ginny Simone about AB 798; the pink BB gun bill. He also gives an update on AB144, the open carry ban…


Hint: It’s not a BB gun.

(Sorry… I couldn’t resist adding the Hello Kitty Assault Rifle to the post!)


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Another Federal court in the State of California, this time in Sacramento, has ruled that discretionary CCW does not violate the 2nd Amendment. And like the Peruta ruling in San Diego earlier this year, the judge in the case reasoned that since open carry is legal in the State, a CCW permit is not necessary for one to possess a firearms outside the home for self defense.

Did you listen carefully to what Ed Worley said yesterday?

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NRA State Liaison Ed Worley joined Cam Edwards to talk about the CA Assembly’s passage of AB144, the open carry ban. Listen carefully to what Ed says about the ramifications of this bill with regard to shall issue concealed carry in this State. (It’s kinda obvious that a big chunk of the Assembly didn’t listen!)…


Stay tuned for more information and action alerts. The next stop for AB144 is the Senate. We will get you committee hearing information and dates as soon as we know them.

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California NRA-ILA Liaison Ed Worley talked to NRA News’ Cam Edwards about life in Bizarro World…


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Ed Worley, the NRA State Liaison for California, joined Cam Edwards to talk about AB144…


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NRA California State Liaison Ed Worley was on Cam & Co. last Friday discussing SB610; Sen. Rod Wright’s bill to streamline the California CCW permit process.


Go to the legislative information page for more details on SB610. (Clicking the link opens a new window so that the audio stream won’t be interrupted.)

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