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The more that turns up about the Ft. Lauderdale shooter, the more we see that government looked the other way at an increasing threat. Thus far, we know that he…

  • Reported to the government that he was hearing voices
  • Reported paranoid delusions to the Government
  • Was arrested on domestic violence charges
  • Violated his subsequent bail conditions
  • Was discharged from the Army with less than an Honorable Discharge
  • Had been visiting IS websites and viewing IS videos

But nevermind all of that; it’s the NRA’s fault.


I’m sure that I’ve used that headline before…

The Ft. Lauderdale airport shootings are yet another example of a criminal having free run of a facility without the worry of armed bystanders interrupting his killing spree. We’ve seen this repeatedly. Laws passed by gun muggles with the best of intent, and over the objections of those of us who actually know about guns, get people killed.

This is also an example of government dropping the ball, again. Esteban Santiago didn’t spring into existence ex nihilo. The FBI knew about him and apparently did nothing. What’s being reported now indicates that he should have been either flagged as a “prohibited person” under Federal law, and thus unable to possess a firearm, or placed on the no-fly list as a suspected terrorist. There’s nothing to suggest that the feds followed up in this information; not until after he killed 5 people.

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Third Time’s the Charm? Sportsmen’s Legislation Passes House in Third Consecutive Congress


Third Time’s the Charm? Sportsmen’s Legislation Passes House in Third Consecutive Congress
On Friday, a bipartisan majority in the U.S. House of Representatives passed the Sportsmen’s Heritage and Recreational Enhancement (SHARE) Act of 2015. The bill now heads to the Senate, where a similar package, the Bipartisan Sportsmen’s Act of 2015, has already advanced out of the Committee on Energy and Natural Resources and the Committee on Environment and Public Works. This is the third straight Congress in which the House has passed far-reaching sportsmen’s legislation, with the prior versions falling prey to election-driven bottlenecks in the Senate. Hopefully, the third time will prove the charm for this important legislative package.

Court of Appeals Declines to Rehear Heller III, Reinforces Pro-Gun Victory

Court of Appeals Declines to Rehear Heller III, Reinforces Pro-Gun Victory
Last year, we reported that a panel for the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia held in the long-running follow-up to the original Heller case (known currently as Heller III), that certain provisions of D.C.’s firearm registration scheme violate the Second Amendment. These included D.C.’s handgun rationing rule, its requirement to renew firearm registrations every three years, a required test of “legal knowledge” for registration applicants, and the requirement that registration applicants present their firearms in person at police headquarters. As we noted at the time, however, the District still had options for further review of the decision.

The Next Supreme Court, by the Numbers

The Next Supreme Court, by the Numbers
With the passage of Senior Associate Justice of the Supreme Court Antonin Scalia, how will the Court rule on Second Amendment cases in the future? The answer is, “it’s just a matter of simple math.”

As the Primaries Turn

As the Primaries Turn
The process of selecting the major party nominees for the presidential election moved forward this past week with results for the GOP from South Carolina and Nevada, and results for the Dems from Nevada (Democrats hold their South Carolina primary on Saturday, February 27).

Accident Victim, Corrections Officer Treated to “New Jersey Justice” for “Illegal” Firearm

Accident Victim, Corrections Officer Treated to “New Jersey Justice” for “Illegal” Firearm
What started out as a pleasant evening with his wife soon devolved into a nightmare for Pennsylvania Department of Corrections Sergeant Raymond Hughes, when his safety, career, and freedom were all jeopardized by New Jersey’s draconian suppression of Second Amendment rights.

Stranger Than Fiction: Gun Control Debate Leads to Discovery of New Species

Stranger Than Fiction: Gun Control Debate Leads to Discovery of New Species
Researchers have found a variety of new species on the planet in recent years. Bugs and slugs, bats and rats, mini-dragons with tails, fish that walk, pigs that live in the sea, monkeys that sneeze, translucent frogs and, well, the list of previously unknown critters goes on and on.

Has the VA Deprived You of Your Second Amendment Rights? NRA Wants to Hear From You!

Has the VA Deprived You of Your Second Amendment Rights? NRA Wants to Hear From You!
As we have reported several times in the past (including here and here), the Veterans Administration (VA) has been reporting to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) the identities of its beneficiaries who have been assigned a “fiduciary” to manage their benefits. The VA claims that such determinations constitute an “adjudication of mental defectiveness” under federal law, thereby prohibiting the beneficiary (presumptively for life) from acquiring or possessing firearms. The NRA has for several years been supporting legislation to correct this unjustified infringement on Second Amendment rights, including the Veterans 2nd Amendment Protection Act (H.R. 2001, Rep. Jeff Miller, R-FL) and the Mental Health and Safe Communities Act of 2015 (S. 2002, Sen. John Cornyn, R-TX).

Michael Bloomberg is ALL IN to strip away your Second Amendment Rights! Are you ALL IN to make sure he doesn't succeed?!

Michael Bloomberg is ALL IN to strip away your Second Amendment Rights! Are you ALL IN to make sure he doesn’t succeed?!
Billionaire Michael Bloomberg is in a spending freefall attacking our gun rights all across the U.S., on multiple fronts…in Congress, in state legislatures, and on the airwaves. Further, he’s gathering signatures and pouring money into anti-freedom ballot initiatives in states like WA, NV ME, and AZ.   In the ’15 VA elections, he spent more than $2 million on a couple of state senate races!  If he’s willing to invest that much in VA alone, imagine how much of his BILLIONS he will spend in ’16 all across the nation!


Help Needed at the State Level!
Help Needed at the State Level!

In this News Minute from the NRA Institute for Legislative Action, Jennifer Zahrn reports on important gun bills being considered in Iowa, Georgia, and Mississippi.




Alaska Alaska
Alaska: NRA-Backed Campus Carry Bill Moves Quickly Through the State Legislature
California California
California: Assembly Public Safety Committee Scheduled to Hear Several Anti-Gun Bill on Tuesday
Florida Florida
ALERT! FL Senator Brags about killing 2A bills in Bloomberg venue
Georgia Georgia
Georgia: Campus Carry Legislation Assigned to Senate Committee
Iowa Iowa
Iowa: Five Pro-Gun Bills Pass House Floor Vote
Kansas Kansas
Kansas: Right to Hunt and Fish Constitutional Amendment Passes out of House
Louisiana Louisiana
Louisiana: Urge Your State Representative to Protect Louisiana’s Second Amendment Sales Tax Holiday!
Mississippi Mississippi
Ex-NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg Taking Aim at Self-Defense Bill in Mississippi Legislature
South Dakota South Dakota
South Dakota: Gold Card Permit Legislation Passes House
Virginia Virginia
Concealed Carry Reciprocity Deal Signed in Virginia
Washington Washington
Washington: All Anti-Gun Bills Stall in the House Judiciary Committee

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Florida Congresswoman Frederica Wilson has a bill she would like to  introduce in Congress. However, she seems to be forgetting a few things.

Rep. Wilson proposes that Congress pass a law repealing all of the “racist” Stand-your-ground laws across the US. Now most of you probably guessed the first thing that escaped her notice: The 10th Amendment. Sorry Rep. Wilson, but you don’t get to do things like that. The States are not departments of the Federal Government that Congress can issue edicts to. It doesn’t work that way.

The other thing she missed is that she voted for the Florida Stand-your-ground law.

Yup… You read that correctly. Ms. Wilson voted for the law that Jeb Bush signed into law in 2005. The same law, by the way, that George Zimmerman didn’t utilize in his trial. (One cannot “stand his ground” when pinned to the ground with no possibility of retreat.)

And lastly, she seems not to have noticed that Black Floridians have benefitted from the legal protections of that State’s Stand-your-ground law; more so than White Floridians.

(H/T: FreeRepublic.com)

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You can quickly and easily ruin a claim of self defense by admitting to the police that you fired a “warning shot” at your attacker. Marissa Alexander of Jacksonville, FL, has found this out the hard way. When threatened by her allegedly abusive husband, she fired several “warning shots” at him. In legal parlance, this is called attempted murder. She and her attorney tried to call this “standing her ground” and failed for a very good reason: If you are in a situation where it’s possible to fire a warning shot, then you clearly were not in a situation where you were in fear of death or great bodily harm. How so? Had you actually been in fear of death or great bodily harm, then there would have been no time to fool around with warning shots.

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The acquittal of George Zimmerman is a victory for the right of self defense. Though the members of the jury may never come right out and say so, accepting Zimmerman’s account of events and his claim of self defense was the only way they could find  him not guilty.

The facts of the case were not in dispute. Trayvon Martin was dead and George Zimmerman had killed him. Reasonable doubt for the jury cannot enter through either of those areas. Since Zimmerman admitted to shooting Martin, the jury could not have believed that this was a simple, unavoidable accident and thus excused the killing that way. The only possible outcomes were to convict him of a crime or to acquit him.

To convict him of a crime, the jury would have had to have believed that he acted out of either malice or negligence. Self defense wouldn’t enter into either of those scenarios. One cannot maliciously or negligently defend one’s self! Since they could not find him guilty, they obviously rejected the argument that there was either malice or negligence involved. This leaves them with only one logical conclusion: That there was sufficient reason to believe that Zimmerman acted out of self defense.

Now it is important to understand that a jury need not fully accept a defendant’s account of events to accept self defense as an excuse for killing another person. That’s not how our legal system works. A defendant is innocent until proven guilty; not the other way around. Thus George Zimmerman wasn’t required to “prove” that he acted out of self defense; only that such an explanation is plausible enough to cast doubt upon the prosecution’s case. And this is what the right of self defense means to us. Not a license to shoot anyone for any reason; but rather as a legal defense against prosecution for the “crime” of saving one’s own life or the life of another.

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A follow-up to one of the subjects in the interview with Marion Hammer


Florida: Right-to-Carry bill up for debate

Senate Bill 234, or the “open carry” bill as it has been called, passed in a senate rules committee. The bill would allow anyone with a concealed carry license to openly carry a handgun.

Read About It: My Fox Tampa

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