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The Nuge sat down with the folks from Guns.com at the SHOT Show.

Like him or hate him, Uncle Ted is a gun-loving, deer-slaying force to be reckoned with – and when Ted talks, people listen.

Especially, when he lays down his brand of politically charged, ‘hell-raising’ Rock ‘n’ Roll rhetoric.

Preparing for the interview, we had a boatload of questions to ask the man, but given that time was limited (as one might imagine, The ‘Nuge’ is a popular individual at SHOT; kinda like Justin Bieber at a high school pep rally) we could only ask a few.

Here’s just some of what was discussed…

(H/T: Daily Caller)

Ted is exactly right about the ridiculous notion that the 2nd Amendment is about hunting. To believe that, you would have to believe that the Founders risked, and some cases lost, their lives to protect and defend the right to own sporting goods; that the patriots at Lexington Common and on the Concord bridge were protecting their outdoor toys. The Shot Heard Around the World was not fired to protect the upcoming deer season! The 2nd Amendment is about protecting our freedoms by protecting the means to do so. An unarmed man cannot stand up to a tyrant.

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Ted Nugent explains the role humans, hunters in particular, have in maintaining balance in nature. Homo Sapiens has always been a predator. The prey species we share this world with are adapted to an environment with human predators in it. They depend upon us to control their numbers. Without us, many starve during winter; especially the young.

Do you care about wildlife? Then hunt!

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