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Once a people have lost a right, those in power over them will not, as a rule, willingly return that right. Asking politely, hat in hand, just won’t do the trick. American history teaches us that a more direct approach is what’s needed; something a little more emphatic than just asking nicely.

Something lethal.

In the wake of the latest terror attack in the UK, British gun owners (and those who would like to be gun owners in the UK) are asking for their rights back. There’s a much chance of that happening as there is of Her Majesty sprouting wings and flying off to Mumbai for some curried lamb.

I’ll be blunt about this: You folks in the UK aren’t getting your gun rights back anytime soon. You pissed them away over the course of the last century. Every time you were asked to compromise with the gun banners, you cooperated. Sure, you grumbled a little, but then you caved and turned your guns in like good little minions. Here in the US, anti-gun laws do sometimes get passed over the objections of the People; but we don’t cooperate. We adapt an old Soviet joke: They pretend to pass laws and we pretend to obey them. We don’t limit ourselves to mere civil disobedience either. The NRA and others have waged a successful legislative and legal campaign to overturn unconstitutional laws and to strengthen the right to keep and bear arms. But even with these successes, there still lurks, just under the surface, the threat that we’ll start killing people again to protect our liberties.

Once lost, rights are reclaimed only through bloodshed. If you’re not willing to kill for your rights, then you’re not getting them back. It’s that simple. Over 200 years ago, the American People made it clear that they were willing to kill people to regain their rights. The British People never held their right to armed self protection so dearly. They traded that right away for imagined protection from the hand of government. Now that deal isn’t working out so well.

Yup another attack featuring motor vehicles and knifes. More innocent people injured or killed and still our government won’t change our self defence laws and classifies bloody pepper spray as a section 5 firearm!!! Remember they have the 24 hour armed bodyguards protecting them while they continue to sell the lie that firearms are not suitable for personal protection and continue to harass legal gun owners.

They can’t guarantee your safety but deny you any means to prepare for your own safety.

A side note: Those here who are the loudest proponents of civilian disarmament are also those with access to armed, private security. Go figure!

Violence, like it or not, is what regains liberties that have been lost. The threat of renewed violence is what keeps those liberties once they’ve been regained. The American People learned this hard lesson from history; our British cousins did not.

…until now.

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It is often pointed out that UK government officials treat George Orwell’s “1984” less like the dire warning it was intended to be, and more as an instruction manual. Further evidence of this was provided this week when an astute member of the UK shooting community brought attention to an admission that UK intelligence agencies are using centralized records of UK firearm owners in their efforts to target “terrorists.”

Source: NRA-ILA | Snoopers’ Charter Reveals Extent of UK Gun Owner Surveillance; Provides Warning for Americans

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William Wallace would be appalled by what’s become of the Scottish People…

When did this happen? When did the Scots become so timid that they would trade away their freedom to be protected from BB guns?


Daniel Mitchell writes at Cato@Liberty on the connection between the failure of the welfare state, moral relativism, increased gun control, and escalating violence in the UK. The Mother Country’s moral decay, combined with the unfulfilled promises of the welfare state and gun control are a recipe for disaster.


Once again, we see Great Britain acting as a living laboratory for us in America.

Gun banners are always quick to make comparisons between the crime rates of the US versus countries like Japan to argue that gun laws bring about a peaceful society. However, these attempts at handwaving anthropology fall short because one cannot compare two nations with two so dissimilar cultures in such a way. But nations like the US and the UK are much more similar and some comparisons can be made.

The UK has been slowly disarming its people since the early 19th century. A right to keep and bear arms theoretically exists in Britain, but the English Bill of Rights makes this right subject to the will of Parliament; and thus, not a right at all. This program of civilian disarmament dramatically accelerated in the 1990s. Now gun ownership, especially for the sole purpose of self defense, is nearly impossible. Those wishing a gun for self defense are told that the police will protect the, and thus there’s no reason for them to be allowed a gun.

Now before these laws, the British homicide rate was far below that of the US as was its overall violent crime rate. And the murder rate has continued to be far below the US rate during this period of experimentation. Violent crime, on the other hand, has skyrocketed in the Mother Country. With each new gun law, we in the US see how disarming the People makes for a more violent society. In fact, we have seen this pattern repeated throughout the rest of the Anglosphere. And tonight, illuminated by the glow of burning cars and shops, we see it again. Defenseless people cannot stand up to a mob. They can only sit idly by as their homes, businesses, and cars burn. They cannot stop that mob from looting every bit of merchandise they have in their stores or taking the clothes from off of their backs. And they are finding that the police cannot do a thing either.

So we in the US can see the shape of things to come by looking across the Atlantic. If we adopt British gun control laws, we can expect a society as violent and crime ridden as theirs. And since our non-firearms murder rate exceeds the overall British murder rate, we can also expect no improvement on that score either. We would have our murder rate combined with their violent crime rate. Lose, lose.

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